LCD- Logan City Demolitions And Recycling Company!

Logan city demolitions are one of the best companies across Brisbane and Gold coast. We will provide our customers the best services and will fulfil their demolition requirements in each and every way. We have spent more than 4 decades in this filed and our workers are the experts and specialists of that field. We provide the best solutions for your demolition requirements. We have worked with many famous and developed Building and Development companies across Queens land and our performance was exceptional. Thus, our vast experience and great knowledge in this filed has made us one of the best Demolitions experts in Queen’s land.  

We are the demolition experts that provide our house demolition in Brisbane ranging from the demolition of houses to the demolition of industrial and commercial level demolitions. We offer our expert advice for the purpose of completing your project in a short time span and in a safe way.  

The following demolition services are provided by us in Queens land and New South Wales regarding residential demolitions: 

  • Infrastructure Demolition Hospital Railways, Bridges and Schools 
  • Contaminated Soil Removal 
  • Plant hire 
  • Industrial demolition and asbestos disposal in Gold Coast 
  • Internal demolitions as fit outs, internal strip outs and renovations 
  • Asbestos removal 
  • Asbestos pipe removal 
  • Storm and fire damage demolition 
  • Service Station Demolition 

When it comes to safety our Logan City Demolitions company is the one you can trust the most. We are aware of all the safety precautions and steps that are useful for perform the demolition tasks safely.  

For the purpose of ensuring the safety of our workers, customers and public we take all the specific safety precautions that are necessary to take.  

The safety precautions include: 

  • Sediment control 
  • Traffic control 
  • Disconnection of services 
  • Silt curtains 
  • Dust suppression 
  • Permits 
  • Traffic control 

Logan City Demolitions Services: 

The Logan City Demolition Company is a company whose workers are experts and are able to manage the projects of almost every level. We perform our demolition tasks very neatly and in a very productive way. By performing the demolition processes of various sites, we have gained experience in almost every kind of demolitions. Performing demolition at different sites has now became our specialty and we are one of a kind. We guarantee that you will not find any company better than us. We know how to perform the demolition while keeping our surrounding areas safe.  

We provide our services at very reasonable rates. Thus, anyone can have our services in times of their need. Because of our 40 years’ experience in this field we are the best company. We provide our services 24/7 and clear out all the queries of our customers and provide them all the necessary details they need. Logan City Demolitions has a lot of experience with huge knowledge which is making us best experts of Queensland.