How To Understand Which Kind Of Dentist Is Best For You?

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Just as in other fields of the medicines there are specialization, similarly there are specializations area in the dentistry as well and there are dentists in alexandra hills who specializes in one field or another. In order to get the best dentist for your problems it is better that you first analyse that which one of the dentist will suit you the best because each has one own dental clinic in capalaba where one performs the procedures. Here we discuss some types of the dentist so that you could make a deduction about your dental problem before visiting.

General dentist:

These are the kind of the dentists who have not done any specialization but are familiar with the basics procedures of the dentistry such as cleaning of the teeth, diagnosis of the certain oral health problems, examination of the mouth. This is the kind of the dentist that you go to on regular basis and who is known as the family dentist where everyone visits to make sure that their oral health is maintained. Although if the general dentist feels from the examination that there is something wrong then after sufficient examination, he will refer you to a specialization dentist based on the nature of the issue.

Paediatric dentist:

As the name represent, this dentist is specialized to deal with the dental problems in the kids and their treatments are designed to solve the problems of the kids which are usually crooked teeth and cavities or bad oral health.


This is the type of the dentist who performs procedure related to the arrangement and alignment of the teeth and the jaws. These install braces, retainers and wires to align the teeth to improve the aesthetics and smile of a person.


General dentist performs the procedures to prevent the oral diseases but when there comes an oral disease then he cannot provide the treatment for this and the patient has to go to a specialized dentist. The periodontist is known to specifically provide the treatment of the gum disease.


These are the dentists which are trained to treat the nerve issues of the tooth and these are usually root canals because this is the common procedure which is done when the tooth starts to decay because of the nerve problem.

Oral surgeons:

These are the dentist who performs oral surgery when there is a serious disease in the teeth or the jaw. Since these are located very closely to the ear and nose and therefore, an oral dentist who is a surgeon needs to work along with the ENT specialist as well.


This type of the dentist is trained to perform the treatment of the jawlines and the teeth structure and look. These are usually also referred to as the cosmetic dentist because the field of the dentistry which aims to improve the visual look of the teeth and jawline is called the cosmetic dentistry and the procedures it includes are teeth whitening, veneers, dentures, bridges and braces as well.