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We are specialists for providing services of caravan repair, trailer repairs Gold Coast and caravan maintenance of huge range of trailers and caravans, after getting our services you will definitely find your caravans and trailers in a very condition. Until whole problem is not resolved we don’t leave your vehicle. Furthermore these caravans and trailers need a wash after a long route, our washing procedure and material used don’t harm your caravans or trailers and you get your vehicle in a fresh condition for many days until you drive for a long route again.

As compared to cars, caravans services are more critical, lots of functions of caravans need regular caravan servicing Gold Coast so perform at its best level such as suspension, brakes, undercarriage of caravan. If you are not looking after these parts for service and maintenance than the result could be in a much expense or change of some part required.

Our team is very much experienced and qualified in this field so we are able to provide you wide range of services regarding caravans and trailer. All the parts which are used by us for repair and maintenance is made up of high quality and search around the world. If you are looking for services of horse float repairs, trailers, caravan and motor caravan, you can choose us for repair and maintenance. Our team is always ready for new challenges and resolve most critical problems related to caravans. Our prices or repair and maintenance are also subject very low as compared to market competitor.

We are assigned with latest tools and equipment which helps us to save time during our repairing procedure, our first try is not to get you caravans at our work shop but to resolve the matter at your door step, sometimes cases are more critical and we had no chance to get caravans other than at our workshop.

These heavy duty vehicles are much danger to driver while in a disrepair condition, like broken brakes or wheels, we understand that you are not able to get caravans at our workshop and for this we are always ready to come to your doorstep for repair and maintenance.

After getting our services for one time you will find that it’s beneficial for you and we love to see you again for your critical problem. Your matters are always discussed and understand very carefully so the matter could be resolved accordingly. Our aim is not only to make our revenue but to increase our number of customers. Our numbers of customer are growing by every year and our name is now big in the market.

For any question and query you can contact us at Towfix or call us on 1800 TOWFIX.

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